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New Jersey Center on Deafblindness

What is Deafblindness?:

  • Deaf-blindness is a low incidence disability and within this very small group of children there is great variability. Many children who are deaf-blind have some usable vision and/or hearing. The majority of children who are deaf-blind also have additional physical, medical and/or cognitive problems. Children are considered to be deaf-blind when the combination of their hearing and vision loss causes such severe communication and other developmental and educational needs that they require significant and unique adaptations in their educational programs.

Who is Eligible?:

  • Vision loss can range from low vision to blindness
  • Hearing loss can range from mild to profound
  • Any combination of these vision and hearing losses qualifies children and youth to be registered

Who is NJCDB?:

  • NJCDB is a federally funded organization who providescommunity support for the unique educational needs of students who are deaf-blind. We have an effective menu of professional development activities including anchored technical assistance, topical training, information and resources, as well as an intensive intervener training program.