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About the Center

Our Mission

The mission of the Center on Sensory and Complex Disabilities (CSCD) is to provide professional efforts on meeting the needs of those infants, children, youth and adults with the most significant challenges to their development, education, and inclusion within our schools and communities.

Targeted Population

Research and Training at TCNJ School of Education is created to address the specialized needs of children and adults with sensory disabilities (i.e., deafness/hard of hearing; blindness/low vision; and deafblindness) AND those who are described as “complex” (i.e. intellectual disabilities; multiple disabilities).


CSCD focuses on conducting research, professional development and the creation/promotion of professional practices relative to the education, habilitation and support of individuals with varying degrees of vision and/or hearing loss or those individuals considered as presenting low incidence disabilities.


In partnership with a variety of state/federal agencies, non-profit organizations and local school districts, the Center’s professional staff engage in various projects and provide expert consultation and technical assistance as well as assessment. This website is designed to meet the wide range of your needs and will continue to evolve with your support and participation. It is my hope that CSCD at The College of New Jersey will provide you with the information and resources that you need. Come and help us create an active and visible community.


Jerry G. Petroff, PhD CSCD Executive Director