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Dr. Petroff’s Project



Watch Dr. Petroff’s video –Click HERE!

Please take a few moments to help Dr. Jerry Petroff and Dr. Nadya Pancsofar with their research project.

 The project involves taking an on-line survey that is a part of a research study that intends to yield descriptive information regarding the characteristics and experiences of youth with deafblindness who are school leavers and between the ages of 18-25. It is the hope that this information will assist in National efforts to better support young people with deafblindness.

It will take approximately twenty to thirty minutes to complete the on-line questionnaire found at:

Participation is totally voluntary and there is no penalty for not participating. All volunteers may stop participating at any point. The participant may also choose to skip any specific questions that they choose not to answer for any reason. In the beginning of the survey, participants will be asked to provide formal consent to participating in this study under the conditions stated above. A participant may ask another person to assist in reading or any other aspect of completing the survey.

If you have any questions or desire further information, please contact Dr. Jerry G. Petroff at (609) 771-2998 or at Names and any information that would possibly indicate that an individual has taken the survey WILL NOT be identified or revealed to anyone. Any information gained from this study that is used in publications or presentations will be represented as summaries and will not focus on individuals. Every effort will be made to protect your privacy. The survey is kept in a secure computer at The College of New Jersey and is only available to me. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support.

Jerry G. Petroff, Ph.D.
(609) 771-2998

Nadya Pancsofar, Ph.D.