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WSP Alumni Support Specialist

Policies & Procedures

Policies and Procedures-WSP Alumni Program

Code of Professional Conduct

Documentation Templates

*Weekly Planning Form: Shared via email

*Milestone Progress Form: Shared via email

*90-Day Contractual Agreement: Shared via email

*Emergency Contact Form: Shared via email

*Media Release Form: Shared via email

Communication Plan

Person Centered Planning Tool (DDD)

Discovery Profile Form

Customized Employment Planning Meeting Form

Deliverables Templates

List of Potential Worksites and Leads

*Brochure: Shared via Google Drive

*Visual Resume and Resume: Shared via Google Drive

Recommended Activities

List of Recommended Activities for Support Specialists

Resources for Discovery


Icebreaker Ideas

Providing an overview of the purpose of working with the Support Specialist

Communication Activities

Hopes and Dreams

Likes and Dislikes

Social Network

Giving Thanks

Identifying Positive Relationships

Social Network Survey

Identifying Contributions

Identifying Strengths (practical)

Identifying Strengths (hypothetical)

Resources for Discovery were created by TCNJ student, Mali Syltevik.

Resources for Career Exploration

Career Database Guided Exploration

Simple Job Cluster Activity

Soft Skills Development

Greetings and Introductions

Appropriate Conversations

Asking For References

Resources for Job Development *CUSTOMIZED EMPLOYMENT

Customized Employment Job Development Process Overview

Business Visit Cover Page

Activities for Customized Employment Planning Meeting

WORK YOUR NETWORK Activity *Resource for CE Planning Team